Borehole image log analysis

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Borehole image QC and processing

The QC of your image and related data is an essential step to build confidence in any interpretation carried out on the image. At ImageStrat we carry out a range of QC procedures, make corrections where necessary, and communicate our findings to you.

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Structural interpretation of borehole images

Once your image is built we can identify features in your image that can be used to investigate the geological structure of your formation. We also identify faults, fractures to help you understand your deformation history and modern stress regime.

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Sedimentological interpretation of borehole images

At ImageStrat we work out your ImageStratigraphy. We can zone your well by identifying facies, facies associations and relate these to palaeodepositional environments through comparison to published studies of modern and ancient depositional systems. Borehole images also provide dip and dip azimuth of sedimentary surfaces so we can help you with palaeogeographic reconstructions.

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Laptop Work

Advanced borehole image analysis

We offer a range of bespoke analyses. Please get in touch to find out how we can help.


In addition to structural and sedimentological interpretation of borehole images you may wish to consider the following geomechanics services.


Basic geomechanics image analysis

We provide a preliminary interpretation of features of geomechanical interest, specifically drilling-induced tension fractures (DITF) and borehole breakout (BO), as visible in your images. We carefully check and QC the image data to differentiate DITF and BO from other features such as natural fractures and washout. We provide the basic interpretation of the orientations of the in-situ stresses.

Core-based services

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Core description

Full core description at wellsite, core store, or office.

Core logging to suit your requirements whether a quick-look overview log at 1:50 or detailed core logging at 1:20 to 1:10. Core description products include a large format core log and a detailed report.

Sidewall core description

Full description of sidewall cores.

Detailed sidewall core descriptions include measurements of key attributes including grain size and sorting, as well as photographs, microscope images and a full description of characteristics.

Grain size analysis

Grain size analysis of thin sections, sidewall cores, or core.

We use bespoke workflows to carry out grain size analysis from calibrated microscope images of core, sidewall core, or thin sections.


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