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Borehole image QC and processing

Be confident in your borehole images

The QC of your image and related data is an essential step to build confidence in any interpretation carried out on the image. At ImageStrat we carry out a range of QC procedures, make corrections where necessary, and communicate our findings to you. Get in touch to talk about the QC of your data.

Structural interpretation of borehole images

Know your structure and stress regime

Once your image is built we can identify features in your image that can be used to investigate the geological structure of your formation. We also identify faults, fractures, borehole breakout, and drilling induced tension fractures to help you understand your deformation history and modern stress regime. Get in touch to talk about structural interpretation with us.


Sedimentological interpretation of borehole images

Facies and depositional environments

At ImageStrat we work out your ImageStratigraphy. We can zone your well by identifying facies, facies associations and relate these to palaeodepositional environments through comparison to published studies of modern and ancient depositional systems. Borehole images also provide dip and dip azimuth of sedimentary surfaces so we can help you with palaeogeographic reconstructions. Get in touch to talk about sedimentological interpretation of borehole images.


Additional services

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Core description

Full core description at wellsite, core store, or office.

Sidewall core description

Full description of sidewall cores.

Grain size analysis

Grain size analysis of thin sections, sidewall cores, or core.


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