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Box model gallery

Our three-dimensional, oriented box models synthesize results from our structural analyses with palaeocurrent and facies analysis results. These are essentially communication tools to help you understand the results from our projects and communicate them to non-geologists.

Click on the images below to see animated examples. Reload page if animation stops.


Read the open-file reports to understand the assumptions that go into these models or contact us for more information.

Row 1-left: Perth Basin, Holmwood Shale to Kockatea Shale (West Erregulla model v1.3).

Row 1-right: Beetaloo Basin, Velkerri Fm and Moroak Sandstone.

Row 2-left: Canning Basin, "Ordovician" to Grant Group.

Row 2-right: Canning Basin, Carboniferous Laurel Shale. 

Row 3-left: Perth Basin, Holmwood Shale to Irwin River Basal Sandstone (West Erregulla model v1.2).

Row 3-right: Perth Basin, Holmwood Shale to Basal Wagina Sand (West Erregulla model v1.0).

Row 4-left: Perth Basin, Cattamarra Coal Measures depositional model v1.0.

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