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ImageStrat was founded in 2018 to provide specialist consulting services to the oil and gas industry. We're based in Perth, Western Australia. We can QC, process and interpret a wide variety of borehole images, and add value by working closely with you, and your consultants, to maximise the value of your data.

Our logo is a stylised view down a borehole representing the layers of strata in the false colours used in resistivity borehole images.

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The Team

Andy Wilson PhD

Director | Sedimentologist | Image log interpreter

Andy gained BA (Hons) and MSci degrees in Geological Sciences from the University of Cambridge in 2005. Staying at Cambridge he completed his PhD in Geology in 2009. Moving to Liverpool University Andy joined the STRAT Group as a researcher studying the stratigraphic architecture and sedimentology of the fluvial Beaufort Group in the Karoo Basin of South Africa. This led to the development of a field school in fluvial sedimentology and stratigraphy which Andy co-led on three occasions with colleagues from Manchester University and Chevron Australia.

In 2013 Andy took up the position of Geological Manager with Chemostrat Australia, then moved to Task Fronterra Geosciences in 2015 as a sedimentologist working on borehole image interpretation. Before founding ImageStrat he worked at MGPalaeo as a sedimentologist and, later, a borehole image interpreter. Andy has worked on projects from basins in Australia, PNG, New Zealand, and China.

A field geologist at heart, Andy has extensive fieldwork experience in Iceland, Taiwan, South Africa, New Zealand, Switzerland, Spain, Greece and Italy, among other places. He has also co-authored a number of peer-reviewed papers in premier journals, and maintains an interest in fluvial processes and deposits.

Selected publications and talks:

Wilson, A., and Thrane, L., 2020. Structural and sedimentological interpretation of the Waukarlycarly-1 acoustic televiewer image log. Basins Workshop, Perth, 4th December 2020.

Forbes, A., Long, D., McNee, F., Millar, A., and Wilson, A., 2019. Placing key casing points using wellsite chemostratigraphy in the Ungani Field, Canning Basin, Western Australia, in Keep, M., and Moss, S.J. (Eds), The Sedimentary Basins of Western Australia V: Proceedings of the Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia Symposium, Perth, WA, 2019, 9 pp.

Wilson, A., Flint, S., Payenberg, T., Tohver, E. and Lanci, L., 2014. Architectural styles and sedimentology of the fluvial lower Beaufort Group, Karoo Basin, South Africa. Journal of Sedimentary Research, 84(4), pp.326-348.

Ratcliffe, K.T., Wilson, A., Payenberg, T., Rittersbacher, A., Hildred, G.V. and Flint, S.S., 2015. Ground truthing chemostratigraphic correlations in fluvial systems. AAPG Bulletin, 99(1), pp.155-180.

Ratcliffe, K.T., and Wilson, A., 2014. Stratigraphy in the Oil Industry. Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia News Resources, Issue 128, February/March 2014.

Griffiths, J.D., Sullivan, N.B., Wilson, A., and Ratcliffe, K., 2015. Basin-to-shelf correlations in the Canning Basin, NW Australia, using Stable Carbon Isotope Stratigraphy. Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia News Resources, Issue 130, October/November 2015.

Peter Malcolm BSc (honours) MSc

Senior Geologist

Peter has industry experience across a broad range of new venture, exploration and development projects. Having held positions with oil and gas operators and consultancies in Perth and London, Peter has gained knowledge in basins across the Asia-Pacific region and Sub-Saharan Africa with a particular focus on basin analysis, petroleum systems modelling and play/prospect evaluation. Peter is also experienced in the data QC and sedimentological and structural analysis of borehole image and well logs.

In 2009, Peter completed a BSc (Honours) at the University of Western Australia with a thesis focusing on the evolution of channel-fill complexes in the Exmouth Sub-basin, North West Shelf of Australia. Later in 2015, Peter returned to his studies to complete a MSc in Petroleum Geoscience at Imperial College London. Most recently, Peter worked with the operator Buru Energy and attained valuable operations and well site experience over two multi-well drilling campaigns.

Bill Power PhD

Consulting Structural Geologist

Bill received BS, MA, and PhD degrees in the 1980s from Caltech, University of California, and Brown University (USA). His PhD work focused on the application of laboratory rock friction studies to natural fault zones. 

Bill was invited to Australia in 1989, and worked at the CSIRO Division of Geomechanics working on modelling and analysis of fault zones and gold deposits.

In 1997, Bill started consulting in mineral exploration and mining, working for Perth-based consulting firms and mineral exploration companies Fractal Graphics, Fractal Geosciences, and Geoinformatics Exploration.

In 2007 Bill started working in oil and gas, first at Task Geoscience (structural geology and analysis of image logs) and then later at Geomechanics International/Baker Hughes, where Bill concentrated on gemechanics, specifically analysis of in-situ stresses and applications to wellbore stability, fluid flow in fractured media, infrastructure planning, sand and solids production, and fault reactivation analysis.

From 2016 Bill has run Power Geoscience, whilst remaining an active independent researcher in rock mechanics and fault zone evolution. His work over the last 4 years has involved a mix of oil and gas, rock mechanics, mineral exploration, and fault zone behaviour.  

Selected presentations

Geomechanics - Pore Pressure and Fracture Gradient Estimation: Drilling Applications. Presented at a specialist seminar “Geomechanics Fundamentals, Applications, and Advances” organized in by the SPE Western Australia, 24 October, 2016.

Geomechanical Model for the Rang Dong Field - Off Shore Vietnam - Implications for Development Strategy for Fractured Basement Reservoirs, presented at SPE meeting, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 18 May, 2011.

Selected publications

Ong, S. H., Power, W. L., Sitio, A., Tanjung, E., 2015. Geomechanics improves drilling operations and reduces non-productive times (NPT) in Kilo Field, offshore Northwest Java.  Presented at the SPE Asia Pacific Oil and Gas Conference and Exhibition, Bali, Indonesia, 20-22 October, 2015, Paper SPE-176445-MS, Society of Petroleum Engineers, 20 pps.

Power, W. L., Tjengdrawira, A., Aprianto, S., Suwono, S., Rachman, S. G., Wijanarko, M., Febrianto, D. H., Baasir, A., and Hasanusi, D., 2012. In-situ stresses, rock strength, fluid pressure, and implications for wellbore stability and oil and gas development in the Senoro and Tiaka Fields, Sulawesi, Indonesia, presented at the Indonesian Petroleum Association Thirty-Sixth Annual Convention & Exhibition, Jakarta, May 2012, Proceedings, Indonesian Petroleum Association paper IPA12-E-073, 7 pps.

Power, W. L., Sano, T., Ooi, D. C., Castillo, D., Magee, M., and Burgdorff, K.,2010. In situ stress and rock strength in Rang Dong Field – off shore Vietnam – implications for drilling in basement rocks, Society of Petroleum Engineers Technical Conference and Exhibition, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, November 1-3, 2010, SPE Paper No. 135737, 14 p.


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