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Welcome to ImageStrat

ImageStrat is a geological consultancy for the energy sector that offers QC, processing, and interpretation of borehole images, and core-based services.

ImageStrat is 100% Australian owned and operated.


Why work with us?

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Brainstorming Session

Real outcrop experience

Interpretation done by geologists that have seen lots of rocks

We've seen a lot of rocks! That means we are really good at identifying features in borehole images.

Collaborative working

We work with you to maximise the value of your images

At ImageStrat we do things differently. We can be embedded in your company so that the project can fluidly evolve as results are generated. The result - a bespoke project tailored to your requirements.

No middlemen

Work directly with your analyst

Thousands of decisions are made in processing and interpreting borehole images. Working directly with your analyst means to maximise the value of your images.


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