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Welcome to ImageStrat

ImageStrat is a geological consultancy for the energy sector that offers QC, processing, and interpretation of borehole images, and core-based services.

ImageStrat undertakes projects in conventional and unconventional oil and gas exploration, hydrogen exploration and storage, carbon capture and storage (CCUS), and geothermal sectors. 

ImageStrat is 100% Australian owned and operated. 

Why work with us?

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Brainstorming Session

Real outcrop experience

Interpretation done by geologists that have seen lots of rocks

We've seen a lot of rocks! That means we are really good at identifying features in borehole images.

Collaborative working

We work with you to maximise the value of your images

At ImageStrat we do things differently. We can be embedded in your company so that the project can fluidly evolve as results are generated. The result - a bespoke project tailored to your requirements.

No middlemen

Work directly with your analyst

Thousands of decisions are made in processing and interpreting borehole images. Working directly with your analyst means to maximise the value of your images.

Our Testimonials

Recent testimonials from our clients

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Professor Howard Johnson, Shell Professor of Petroleum Geology

"This is the best example that I have ever seen of the use of borehole image logs in identifying small-scale (mm/cm) sedimentary features. What makes the image log observations so compelling is that they are independently corroborated by abundant legacy core data (ca. 4 km) from equivalent stratigraphic intervals in different, but nearby, wells, Similarly, the borehole image-derived orientation data and facies interpretations are consistent with independently-determined depositional models and palaeogeographic reconstructions.”

Commenting on our 2022 CABS IV presentation entitled "Borehole image features map depositional environment change in a Mesoproterozoic delta: insights from the Beetaloo Sub-basin". See publications or news sections for more information.


Chief Geologist, Elixir Energy

"Elixir Energy used Andrew Wilson at ImageStrat to evaluate some our CBM drilling results in the South Gobi Basin of Mongolia.  The South Gobi Basin is very sparsely drilled and not alot is known about the  sedimentology and paleo-environments of our target Permian section.  

Andrew did an amazing job of unravelling the data and generating clear ultra-high resolution image logs and paleo-geographic maps of the Permian, which had a significant impact geological understanding.  Andrew brought a great attention to detail and worked tirelessly to deliver a useful product for us. "  

Beach Energy.PNG

Staff Geologist, Beach Energy

“ImageStrat provided significant assistance in a collaborative way to help us understand key aspects of the reservoir. The team is focus on the work key deliverables. Andy assisted us to design the best technical approach to analyse the data and achieve the objectives on time and budget. I am pleasantly surprise by the interest and support by  ImageStrat team after the work was completed, they are very passionate to generate good quality technical work and that help us to deliver our models on time for drilling.”

Origin Energy.PNG

New Ventures Manager, Origin Energy

"Imagestrat were contracted to analyse and synthesise a series of images collected through exploration drilling in a frontier basin setting. Limited regional seismic data and poor access to preserved section in outcrop, necessitated the use of image logs to bring together a cogent understanding of the reservoir system.

Andrew has a unique, holistic, and quantitative approach to image log interpretation. The enormous amount of data compiled with an exceptional synthesis enabled the project team to;

  • Further investigate the temporal and spatial relationships of the target strata

  • Incorporate primary and secondary rock fabrics into the assessment of well completion strategies

The completion of this project facilitated more objective discussions on the nature of the petroleum system elements in question and elevated our ability to make informed exploration decisions."

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