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Our Partners

We are a small company, so for larger or more complex projects we work with our partners to provide you with expertise in all stages of exploration.  Our partners are experts in their fields, and together we can offer a tailored solution to answer all your exploration questions.


Power Geoscience - structural geology and geomechanics

Structural geology related to rock mechanics, fractures and faults

Power Geoscience offers consulting services related to structural geology and geomechanics, including fault zone evolution, fault seal, insitu stress, and fluid flow in fractured and faulted regions.

ResEval Consulting – A reservoir evaluation consultancy


ResEval Consulting offers a total petrophysical service integrating all appropriate formation and reservoir data to realise and improve sub-surface knowledge.

Ichnostrat Consulting Ltd (UK)

Independent geological consultancy firm providing integrated sedimentological and petrographical solutions

Ichnostrat are leaders in the provision of high-resolution sedimentological core description and depositional modelling studies. Highly experienced in continental to deep-marine depositional settings, with particular expertise in integrating ichnological analysis techniques.

Basin Scope Consulting

Structural Geologists

We are experts in the structural and tectonic evolution of sedimentary basins.  We use seismic and well data to understand structural styles at all scales, from regional to individual faults and traps.  We also use potential fields data to constrain structural interpretations in areas with poor or incomplete seismic coverage.


Source Geoscience

Petroleum Systems Analysis

Source Geoscience Pty Ltd is a Geoscience Consultancy specialising in Petroleum Systems Analysis. We provide detailed geochemistry and basin modelling services to clients throughout the world, with an emphasis on finding the best technical solution for requirements, timeframe and budget.

Radix Geo

Geo-data scientists

Use analytics and machine learning to provide solutions to the oil and gas and mining sectors.

PETJAG Consultants (USA)

E & P data solutions

Image log processing, digitisation and data recovery specialists. Over 25 years of experience with image log analysis.

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